What is a Spiritual Path?

by drsandypeace

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is this all there is to life?” Do you feel bored with the day-to-day? Are you searching for answers to the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” These are the foundations of beginning a spiritual path. Questioning this reality is a sign you are ready to begin your quest.

In the movie The Matrix, Neo is searching for the answer to the question: “What is the Matrix?” His guide, Morpheus, explains that it is a false, computer generated reality that we were raised to believe is real. Life on planet earth has similar false realities that most people have bought into as true. Our concepts of love, relationship, friendship, sexuality – even god – are man-made constructs presented to us as Truth from the moment we are born. They are often singular (e.g. there is only one god, marriage is the only real way to have a relationship) and provide structure for our society. But with the structure comes a form of control, just like in the Matrix.

Our worldview gets narrower. Our choices seem limited. Our fear gets bigger. We find a routine that works adequately well and stick to it even though we are not really happy.


This is where the spiritual path starts: from a place of hoping there is more to this reality than we currently know. Maybe you grew up in a home where your parents were divorced or absent and you say to yourself “I want my relationships to be different!” Maybe you watched your family struggle financially and you say to yourself “I want to have enough money to be comfortable!” Maybe you dislike how your body looks and wonder how anyone can find you lovable? Maybe you feel as though something is missing and you want to find it? This is the longing and desire that will propel you forward on your spiritual path.

The spiritual path is about finding freedom. It is about learning to see the multiple layers of reality that we have forgotten how to see. It is about learning what love, friendship, commitment, and peace really mean. It is about accepting what is and simultaneously striving for more.

The spiritual path is about finding yourself and manifesting your potential in the world…and helping others to do that same.

From the time I was little, I knew my purpose on earth was to help people. I have been searching and studying and learning my whole life to prepare for this task. Once I found my own spiritual teacher, I began sprinting rather than crawling down my spiritual path. If you are ready to sprint, you are ready for a spiritual teacher!